“y se hacía querer”

“Cash-Bro is such a sweetheart. We used to share cigarettes, a little talk, some chocolate, whatever was around. He is really a polite and nice man to talk to and he would not ask for anything. He just enjoyed being around people and a little conversation. And I did feel very safe walking at night with him. At the beginning of my stay in Burque I would never ever dare walk on Central on my own. It’s funny how being from another country I soon felt at ease with the company of some of the homeless people that everybody, I mean everybody knows in the campus area. And mainly with Johny Cash Bro and his friend. The thing with Johny Cash Bro is that he would move at ease around people with an air of just hanging out. Early in the morning I would go to R.B. Winnings, (our own public living room) to catch some sun, some nice conversation with the locals. I recall Johny Cash-Bro walking around with his almost teen like walk, dragging his feet with a cigarette on his mouth, asking for some light. From time to time he would show you the little cigarette butts that he had collected as if they were a treasure for you to share, if you wanted. The thing with him is that he never seemed to be begging. So I really don’t understand why he has been banned from the student ghetto for that. I think it just came from people around the coffeeshop and on the streets to help this man who always had a chilling attitude, a smile and a “hello” to share with you. And that is special about him. He always mingled with people “y se hacía querer” (he made himself be loved by people). You were there, sitting at the table and there he came “hey, man, you want some of these oranges?”. I think this mingling has to do with the way that some of us would perceive life around that part of Central. If you hang out there you were not apart from the reality of all those people who included not only the “cool” artists but also the ones who would survive by doing little jobs here and there, living with friends, moving around, living by the day. People like Mike and Tom, who would live by doing carpenter, gardening jobs, us students, and others like Johnny and his inseparable friend, we were all in a continuum of people’s experiences. People there just mingled and coexist. Some people without a home would not dare enter that circle. Like the woman in the green blanket, but others like Cash-Bro and his friend were just there everyday, just like the rest of us.”

– Alicia Barron

Photo by MJWJohnny remix-3973

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